About Me

Hello and welcome!

I’m Inez and these are the 5 things you absolutely must know about me.

1.I absolutely adore these fur critters who share my home. We have 3 dogs and 2 cats. My husband calls it a “full house”. They are all best friends. Except for Callie. Callie’s a loner but we love her for it. On the top we have Porthos (beagle), Molly (lab mix), and Scout (terrier mix). From the bottom left we have Porthos, Marco (tabby cat), and our loving loner, Callie (calico cat).

2. My husband and I have been to Disney World a bunch (for living 15 hours away). He did the Disney college program and I visited with my family when I was growing up so it has a special place in both our hearts. We even spent our honeymoon there! I highly recommend Wilderness Lodge. Now my husband’s parents live there so we go even more regularly!

3. I’ve been an omnivore, a pescatarian, a vegetarian, and a vegan. I currently mostly identify as pescatarian. But my all-time favorite diet is “food in bowls”.

4. I’m studying nutrition! It’s been a long road (transferring credits between colleges = the sucks) but I’ve got a lot more learning to get under my belt. People may not know that there is a lot of science and biology involved in this degree – microbiology, organic chemistry, human anatomy and physiology – it takes a lot to learn how our bodies process all of the yummy we put in it!

5. I go through major phases with working out. Most of the I’m into running (#marathoner) but sometimes I switch it up. Sometimes I’m into swimming, biking, strength/ pilates. Then there’s yoga. I love yoga always.